Industry 4.0

Rheonis trusts in product/process understanding for progressing towards Industry 4.0. Our step-by-step approach is fully adapted to industrial contraints and the need for convergence between R&D, industrialization, production and quality :

  • Understanding your process phenomenology and product/process influencing factors
  • Identification of discriminating measurement parameters and corresponding measurement techniques
  • Product/process modelling from the perspective of “digital twin”
  • Development of an optimized off-line/on-line measurement strategy
  • Decision support through R&D study on technological and instrument options
  • Study and development of solutions and specific sensors
  • Technical support in the choice and development of digital specific tools

Rheonis is associated to “solution providers” community of  the French Industry 4.0 Union.

Our specificity : take into account that understanding and control of physical process as a previous for evaluate the measurement techniques potential on-line, machine learning, etc., and their efficient implantation, especially in the context of global measurement strategy between R&D, production and quality control.

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