Case study – Formulation optimization of a liquid micro-emulsion

Sector: Animal Nutrition

Client type: SME

Service contact: R&D

The Client wishes to improve the transparency and stability of a micro-emulsion. He asks RHEONIS to determine the optimal formulation minimizing the use of emulsifying additives.

Formulation and science of emulsions

RHEONIS has placed its know-how in emulsion formulation and its technical means for the instrumented analysis of emulsion properties (transparency, rheology, stability, etc.).

As part of this R&D study, the following actions were carried out:

  1. Analysis of the reference product and adjustment of instrumental techniques
  2. Bibliographic research on micro-emulsions and effects of emulsifiers
  3. Formulation and preparation of micro-emulsions, characterization of properties of interest and optimization
  4. Summary report

Improve the transparency of a micro-emulsion

The scientific approach and the technical means of RHEONIS made it possible to quickly converge on an optimized formulation compared to the reference product, making it possible to significantly limit the use of additives thanks to a judicious choice of the emulsifier.

The study of the stability and particle size of the emulsion makes it possible to qualify the finished product and the additional study of the thermomechanical conditions of preparation of the emulsion makes it possible to optimize the process.

Improved formulation for economic and performance gains

The scientific expertise of the physical phenomena related to processes of emulsion

Technical means for the study and optimization of the product/process

Resources for identifying candidate ingredients

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