Case study – Expert support for R&D methods and the industrialization of the manufacture of special inks

Sector: Energy

Type of client: Start-up

Contact department: R&D / Industrialization

The Customer enters the industrialization phase of a process involving special inks with complex properties and posing different difficulties and questions. He asks RHEONIS for expert scientific and technical support to make his industrialization processes more reliable.

Science, technology, physical measurement, rheology and industrialization

RHEONIS provides the Customer with its methods, its expertise in the behavior of inks and associated processes and its technical means for their study.

As part of this expert support approach, various actions have been carried out:

  1. On-site support for the improvement of instrumental protocols for the rheological study of inks
  2. Complementary rheometric study of rheological behavior of inks according to unconventional protocols
  3. Bibliographic study of synthesis of physical and physico-chemical phenomena and industrial preparation techniques
  4. Summary report including practical recommendations and R&D / Industrialization guidelines
  5. On-demand expert support

Making industrialization more reliable by understanding phenomena

RHEONIS provides the Client with additional technical-scientific elements to enable him to better anticipate risks in industrialization and set up countermeasures “by design”.

The implementation of appropriate instrumental techniques, recommendations and warnings relating to manufacturing and measurement equipment, analyzes of the factors influencing the performance of formulations are all inseparable systemic dimensions to remove technical obstacles and reduce risks in industrialization.

The scientific expertise of high-performance formulations at the service of industrialization

An ability to analyze phenomena combining science, technology and industry

The experience of the stakes and problems of the behaviors of complex materials in process

Technical means for the study and optimization of the product/process

An advisory approach to make decisions more reliable

Do you have industrialization projects for high-performance products with difficult behavior? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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