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  • Understand and permanently solve problemss related to the physical behaviors of states of complex materials
  • Optimize the product/process and methods for any type of process and application thermomechanical
  • Reduce the development time Inspiring
  • Make theindustrialization, sizing and choice of technical options
  • Develop a technical strategy efficient and a process ofscientific continuous improvement

Unique methods for process industries

A unique holistic methodology of industrial technical diagnosis behaviors and transformations of materials

Transversal experience of multiple issues of materials and their thermomechanical processes and applications

The methods of the Industrial Science behavioral to identify solutions and improvements adapted to each context

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of industry

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your context and suggest courses of action.

Some ingredients of our approach

Question the context

Faced with the variability, scrap and problems encountered in the transformation of materials, the question of the coupling between materials and conditions of implementation is central, but often approached in an essentially empirical way, by trial and error.

A better understanding of the couplings and of the appropriate experimental approaches thus make it possible to clarify the choices as much concerning the ingredients, the formulations as the equipment or the process settings.

To find out more, see our various articles in the section Industrialology.

Problems solving

Faced with a targeted problem or difficulties related to the physical behavior of materials, our on-site diagnostics bring you a fresh and neutral look, at a time technical, scientific and methodological, focused on the couplings between materials, product, process, equipment, methods, and their roles in the appearance of technical difficulties.

To learn more, see our article on our Industrial Phenomenology

Optimization of formulation, process and methods

Our behavioral experimental methods allow us tostudy and qualify specific optimizations of a wide variety of industrial processes and states of matter quickly, reliably, without mobilizing the production tool and in conditions that are not easily accessible on site.

Our techniquesmodeling engineering, bystatistical analysis and data processing adapted from applied research allow optimal use of available data.

All these approaches being internalizable, your teams gain at the same time new methods of industrial science whose proof is carried out.

Industrialization reliability & decision support and sizing

We accompany you in the definition and sizing of your technical needs and identification of suitable solutions (equipment, instrumentation, processes, control parameters, etc.).

We also bring a advanced study supports of your processes andhelp with the decision.

Technical Strategy & Continuous Scientific Improvement

We support you for standardize the methods throughout the chain of development and limit the difficulties at the interfaces between R&D, industrialization, production, quality or application.