Case study – R&D study of cosmetic micro-capsule degradation by rheometry

Sector: Cosmetics

Client type: SME

Service contact: R&D

The Customer wishes to have a reliable method to anticipate the degradation of micro-capsules contained in its formulations, under the effect of shear. He therefore calls on RHEONIS to develop an experimental simulation method in rheometry.

Experimentally simulate the constraints of the process

For this study, RHEONIS mainly implemented its expertise in rheometric techniques and the development of tailor-made protocols.

The stages of the study were as follows:

  1. Implementation of the degradation protocol on rheometer (choice of geometry, adjustment of the gap, of the constraints, etc.)
  2. Validation on different reference products
  3. Systematic tests on formulations in development and customer feedback

Predictive methods of physical behavior

Scientific methods are often lacking to qualify the physical behavior of cosmetic products. Here, we validated a rheometric method for the degradation of micro-capsules.

The power of predictive rheometer methods

  • Reproduction of real shear and thermal stresses
  • Product Response Tracking
  • Low amount of materials used
  • Approach that can be used routinely once configured

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