Case study – Expert support for industrial scale-up in special ink manufacturing

Sector: Energy

Client: Start-up

Department: R&D / Industrialization

The Client is entering scale-up stage for special ink manufacturing, with various issues and challenges. RHEONIS offers its scientific and technical support for providing an independent analysis and recommendations for liabilising this crucial step for future production.

Science, technology, measurement and industrial scale-up

In this hybrid collaboration, RHEONIS provides its methods, its expertise of ink behavior and processing and technical means for their study and understanding.

In this context, various actions were taken:

  1. On-site support for measurement protocols improvement on ink rheology
  2. Complementary rheometry R&D study with non-conventional approaches
  3. Bibliography study for the synthesis of physical and physcio-chemical phenomena and preparation techniques for these special ink
  4. Reporting including practical recommendations and R&D/scale-up orientations proposals
  5. On-demand expert support

Liabilizes industrial scale-up thanks to phenomena understanding

RHEONIS provides complementary technico-scientific elements for a better anticipation of scale-up risks and identify solutions “by design”.

Optimized measurement techniques, recommendations and vigilance points regarding equipments and phenomena, influencing factors analysis of formulations efficiency are crucial systemic dimensions for reducing risks and overcoming technical and scientific obstacles.

Hybrid scientific expertise for industrial scale-up

Phenomena-oriented analysis combining science, technique and industrial points of view

Experience of industrial challenges and issues regarding complex production behavior

Technical means for the study and optimization of product/process

Keys for decision-making

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