Case Study – Feasibility of hydrogel microencapsulation of an active ingredient


Domain: Health

Client's type: Group

Applicant department: R&D

The Client wants to use a highly hydrophilic and hygroscopic compound as an active ingredient for hygiene products. Following several unsuccessful attempts with usual approaches, the Client asked RHEONIS for its support in identifying and evaluating solutions.

Identifying and validating encapsulating system's feasability

For answering this request, RHEONIS used its full know-how regarding interesting compounds for the encapsulation, mechanical and physico-chemical process (simple extrusion, emulsification, spray-drying) added to its experimental equipments.

The steps of the study were the following:

  1. Bibliographic researches and definition of the interesting system
  2. Sourcing of the raw materials
  3. Development of a formulation protocol
  4. Development of encapsulation protocol at laboratory scale
  5. Feasibility testing and time tracking of the release of the active ingredient
  6. Edition of a report of findings and perspective for future studies

Intervention System Gauge

Product & Ingredient 70%
Process & Application 70%
Measurement & Instrumentation 30%
Methods for Industry 50%

Combines functional, technical and economical evaluation

This study brought to the Client, in a short time, different paths of viable encapsulation on the scientific plan. The theoretically more effective solutions have been technically tested and validated in laboratory conditions. The efficiency of encapsulation has been measured and confirmed and some ways of optimization have been identified for further developments.

RHEONIS' hybrid know-how

Good knowledge of polymer systems Knowledge of polymer systems

High-efficiency technical bibliographic study for options' identification

Adapted, modular and efficient technical resources for R&D

Industry-oriented approach

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