Improve | Expand | Innovate

Formulation – Special processes – Test bench – Decision support tools

  • Improve your formulations and effectively substitute ingredients
  • Develop features particular and innovate
  • Design and dimension processes and special devices
  • Develop R&D test benches
  • Develop decision-making tools
  • To transfer the methods

The innovation of methods for the couplings between materials and conditions of implementation

An original approach tofunctional analysis based on physical phenomena

THEcoupling expertise between materials and conditions of implementation and a unique methodology

The association of formulation, thespecial engineering and instrumental methods

 Creativity and rigor at the service of your projects

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of processing industries

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your needs and specify the contributions of a collaboration

Some ingredients of our approach

Optimization, substitution or formulation innovation

We support you in improving the physical behavior of your formulations through screening or substitution of ingredients, optimize the application properties of the formula, make their processability more reliable or anticipate industrialization.

Thanks to our methodology, we save you several months of work, better understand your system and identify optima that are generally not very accessible in common empirical approaches.

Design, sizing and prototyping of special processes and test benches

Offunctional analysis andfeasibility study au sizing,identification, evaluation and estimation of technical options, we study, design, size and prototype thermomechanical processes and test benches optimized for your materials and products.

Our methodology for mastering the couplings between material, conditions of implementation and measurement allows us

Technological innovation