Methods for Industry

Combines industrial expertise to the methods of applied research and engineering

Do you need to improve scientific understanding of the phenomena in your process? Do you want to integrate such understanding to your improvement methods? Do you need specific tools for your innovation and your performance?

RHEONIS is at your side with taylor-made services and collaborations.

Industrial Expertise

 We combine a robust experience of industrial context with our unique method of industrial phenomenology, dedicated to identify and rank influencing factors of process/process

Scientific Methods

We use our applied research experience and advanced scientifical methods for modeling, interpreting, analyzing stats, orienting studies, industrial trials and innovation.

Engineering & Creativity

We use engineering methods, functional analysis, sourcing and design for improvement and innovation of your process, instrumentation and equipment

Advanced original methods for industry and its performance, quality and innovation

Industrial Phenomenology

Technical Innovation Methods

Measurement Strategy

Skill improvement

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We are developing and improving our methods since 2013, combining and adapting scientific, engineering and industrial methods to the challenges of transformation industry. Discover a few case studies (only in French for the moment, sorry ;)).

Our team will be pleased to analyze your need and to offer services adapted to your context.