RHEONIS puts at your service a triple expertise (scientific, technical and methodological), its experience of industries, its practices and technical difficulties -see our Industriology section-, as well as unique means and methods for your challenges linked to physical behaviors (physical , rheological, thermomechanical) of your complex materials and products, through the study, understanding and control of the couplings between materials, products and conditions of implementation.

We support you in tailor-made services and collaborations to quantify, predict, understand, develop, improve, solve problems, integrate methods, gain skills, help you make decisions.

Our unique methodology

Since its creation in 2013, RHEONIS has gradually developed a unique approach to Industrial science of physical and dynamic couplings between substances and implementation conditions.

Drawing on complex material sciences (physics of complex systems, polymers, divided solids, interfaces, physico-chemistry of macromolecular systems, rheology, tribology, mechanics of complex fluids, mechanics and thermal) and process engineering thermomechanics, we have developed an innovative approach to Industrial Phenomenology allowing to carry out the scientific analysis of any concrete problem of industrial behavior of complex materials and to determine the plausible factors of influence allowing to direct effective and fast scientific study approaches.

Our experimental approaches put into action the principles of Behavioral Instrumental Techniques modern, and in particular the power of rheometric instrumentation, which we divert from its current uses to transform it into Instrumented Micro-Pilot capable of reproducing and following the course of the phenomena involved in industrial processes and applications. Our skills in mechanical design, instrumentation and our 3D printing means allow us to develop devices ad hoc. 

Combined with skills in formulating and analyzing data (Smart Data), these approaches are the basis of a Behavioral Industrial R&D focusing on phenomena at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scales, scales of interest for the vast majority of the problems of processing and application of formulated products.

Pragmatic by vocation, these approaches go beyond the strict technical framework, to provide industrial organizations with new levers to meet the challenges of the 21st century (see our methods in development SPIQI and TranZForm).

Empowering Industry, this is our mission. All of our methods therefore constitute a toolbox that we put at the service of the industrial problems of our customers in tailor-made services and collaborations.

A few words from the history of RHEONIS

RHEONIS is the project of three science and technology enthusiasts, brought together by curiosity, a sense of service and a taste for challenges.

After collaborating in 2010 on the implementation and development of the Rheonova rheological measurement platform on the initiative of Albert Magnin, hosted at the time at the LRP, we wanted to give ourselves the means to tackle head-on the concrete industrial issues and provide innovative responses.

After a year of preparation, RHEONIS moved into its premises in Eybens in August 2013, supported by BPI France, the Rhône-Alpes Region and France Active.

Since then, RHEONIS has continued to develop and refine its experience, its innovative methods and its ability to meet technical and scientific challenges to provide its customers and partners with a head start in meeting their industrial challenges.


The founding team of RHEONIS at the end of 2019: Nicolas Mougin, Vincent Billot-Ridet and Albert Magnin

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