THEAtelier des Méthodes, at the heart of industrial material transformations

Since 2017, theAtelier des Méthodes offers manufacturers in the material transformation sectors a space dedicated to the discovery, exchange, sharing and training around phenomena related to physical behavior and transformations of matter in process and application.


Techniques, Methods, Concepts


Causes of Difficulties, Action Levers & Solutions


Feedback, usual biases & good practices


Understanding & Mastering industrial phenomena

Formats adapted to the variety of needs

We offer employees and team leaders in technical professions (R&D, industrialization, production, quality, methods, etc.) in the processing industries of learn, train and improve in modern methods for controlling the behavior and transformations of matter.


Webinars to educate your teams and discover the advantages of modern approaches for performance, quality, innovation and sustainable development of material transformations

Inter-company training

Short training courses and complete courses to discover, practice or perfect methods for controlling behavior and transforming complex materials


Interventions on your premises to raise awareness among your teams, share our feedback, discuss your challenges and draw avenues for progress

Intra-company training

Tailor-made training for your teams, to gain skills and improve performance, quality and capacity for innovation

Our strengths

  • A high level of science, solid experience of the industry, its issues and its practices
  • Unique training courses inspired by our collaborations with industries from all sectors
  • High-performance R&D resources and innovative techniques
  • Innovative methods and a pragmatic point of view on science and technology

Dr. Vincent Billot-Ridet

CEO, Co-founder

Faced with concrete problems, Vincent considers that it is a matter of questioning evidence and practices to find lasting solutions.

Physicist by training, specialized in "soft matter", he decided after a doctorate in physics of polymers and self-organized systems obtained in 2005 to move towards the concrete applications of research and the a transfer of technology.

Self-taught passionate about industrial methods, theories of organizations, the philosophy of science and technology, he is convinced that new understanding grids are necessary to develop pragmatic and sustainable solutions to the difficulties common to industries.

His motto: conceptualize practices and test concepts to build concrete approaches.

Dr Nicolas Mougin

Technical Director, Co-founder

Nicolas is a man of technique and science, passionate about mechanics since a young age. It is quite naturally that his career was oriented towards training as a mechanical/energetic engineer, which he completed with a doctorate in rheology and mechanics of complex fluids and gelled products in 2010.

"Compulsively curious", concrete mind and man of the field, Nicolas has a vast technical culture, which he feeds in particular by his numerous interventions on industrial site and implements to develop experimental devices, protocols, models or more interpretations of complex industrial phenomena.

Also endowed with a great sense of pedagogy, Nicolas takes charge of the animation of the instrumental training of RHEONIS and also provides master's vacations at the University of Grenoble Alpes.

Teaching methods

Our actions are developed from ten years of experience of industrial practices and difficulties and methods that we have been led to develop from techniques resulting from applied research and engineering. In practice, we attach great importance to the quality of our educational materials as well as to interactivity, through the use of different means:

  • Presentations ppt / Video / Use of interactive tools (quiz, multiple choice questions, etc.)
  • Concrete case studies / elements from the scientific literature
  • Discussions and questions / answers
  • Practical sessions on RHEONIS R&D laboratory instrumentation under the supervision of its technical director

Assessment methods

Our training courses are intended to introduce and/or deepen robust technical and scientific practices, unfortunately insufficiently developed in the industry.

In order to ensure the impact of our training, we take care to assess the level of knowledge and practice of the trainees before, during and after the training, through questionnaires and exchanges, quizzes and MCQs. At the end of the training, we issue a training certificate.

RHEONIS is registered as a training organization under number 82 38 05778 38 with the prefect of the Rhône-Alpes region.

RHEONIS is registered as a Datadock training organization and certified Qualiopi.

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