Products & Ingredients

Master the behavior and the transformations of your ingredients and products (powder, paste, semi-solid)

You want to optimize the performance of your products or efficiently substitute one ingredient? Want to boost your innovation? You need to reduce variabilities and defects in production line and anticipate industrialization? You suspect that a better understanding of the influencing factors and phenomena would help you at the various levels of R&D, scale-up, production or quality control?

RHEONIS is at your side with tailor-made services and collaborations adapted to the specificities of your matters?

Powders & divided solids

Powder & Divided solid

Methods and solutions for powder issues (segregation, caking, jamming,…), ingredients evaluation, formulation, thermomechanical processing of powder, fiber, granular

Non-Newtonian fluids, pastes, emulsions, suspensions

Fluid & Paste

Techniques and solutions for mastering and optimizing physical behavior, rheology, processabiliy and application properties of non-Newtonian fluid and paste (suspension, emulsion, polymer solution, slurry,…)

Semi-solid products, gels, resins, waxes, flexible materials

Semi-solid & Soft material

Answers and tailor-made solutions for formulation, processing and use of resins, gels, waxes, foams, films and their physical, thermomechanical and rheological properties

A unique approach: efficient, fast, low consumption, ready-to-transfer

Technical Benchmark

Accelerated Formulation

Liabilized Scale-up

Innovative Functions

Our multi-sector added-value drive us through many industrial contexts with a broad variety of products. Discover a few case studies (in French only for the moment, sorry ;))

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