Reduce your development time and boost your innovations

Mastery of the cross-influence of factors related to the material and the process andapplication is a major advantage for making product development more reliable and accelerating.

Faced with the limitations of empirical approaches by trial and error, RHEONIS offers you a unique approach, based on modern techniques and methods of applied research, to control the physical behavior and transformations of your materials and products in the state of powder, fluid, paste, gel, phase transition product, soft material, etc.

Go from controlling to mastering behaviors

and transformations of your products and ingredients.

Make your formulations more reliable, effectively evaluate your ingredient candidates, develop new functionalities

Anticipate process and application behavior, optimize the product/process, design innovative equipment and processes.

Characterize specific properties, integrate tailor-made instrumental methods, strengthen your skills.

Integrate tailor-made scientific approaches to accelerate your developments and anticipate industrialization and production

Discover the scope of our interventions through numerous examples of implementation.

Our team of specialists is at your service to analyze your needs and study with you the approaches to services and collaborations adapted to your context, your objectives and your constraints.